Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're All Just Fellows

So week 3 down. From how it's looking I don't think we'll be going to the Colombian MTC. Everyone that was supposed to go there has just been here for their nine weeks. I met an elder going to my mission and he just got reassigned to Colombia, South Carolina until the Visa stuff gets worked out. On one of my companions letters today it said that our departure date has been change to the 22nd of October, so it will at least be that long until we leave. Thanks to everyone so much for the dearelders and that package you sent me mom and family....... wow..... it's been almost a week since I got it and the "nuts and bolts" is gone haha. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! And I stingily share a candy bar with a district member every now and again. 
So Spanish is coming along more and more every day. I went a whole day almost without speaking any English because I wanted to see how well I could do and try and pick it up faster..... I didn't talk much. We got some new elders in our district this week and I wanted to look really impressive, so whenever they're around I recite the First Vision in Spanish and act like I'm conversing with them, but they don't know. They all just think that I'm some super-genius who can speak fluently after only 3 weeks, but once they figure out what I've been doing they probably won't be as impressed. 
The devotionals this week were really good. The member of the 70 who spoke this week was really funny, and he had a super cool accent. He said "Just remember that we're all just fellows, so just try your best. The Lord has called you, not what you think you should be." That might not be the exact quote, but close. 
I had one of the meetings with the branch president that we have about every 3 weeks on Sunday. He's intimidating, but really nice. He said I have a nice smile and seem like a nice kid which are really important in missionary work. Then I told him that I'm nervous about Spanish, so he said that I need to quit worrying and that I'll be fine haha. 
So there are 3 kids in our zone who always come in talk and distract us, but they're super funny. And they were just called to be zone leaders... Everyone laughed, then said "seriously," but it'll be really fun. 
How are all of your lives? K great! That sounds wonderful! If I haven't answered any questions just resend them and I'll write back or something.

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