Monday, October 8, 2012

MTC Half Way Point!

So we're almost to the half way point here at the MTC! And hopefully our visas come soon, or we'll be reassigned I guess. Which actually would be cool too! So... Spanish is still really hard, but I've learned a lot. I just need to learn how to conjugate all of these verbs that they're giving me haha. Our devotionals have been really good! On Tuesday night we had a member of the 70 who talked all about obedience and shared a ton of scriptures that have great examples of obedience. Sunday was fast Sunday and it was really nice. I got up and bore my testimony during sacrament meeting which was scary to do in Spanish, but the spirit was still so strong and I loved it! We also had mission conference and it was really cool. The president of the MTC and one of his counselors spoke. They both gave great talks. The 2nd counselor talked about following crooked paths and how the world finds things that are crooked to be normal. He shared a cool poem about a calf making the first crooked path and it was cool. The MTC president talked about the apostasy and how that all went down. It was really interesting to hear, but I'm not teaching all of it because that would be way too much Spanish to learn haha. 
One elder in my district had to go in for surgery today. He hurt his knee, then they did and MRI and found that his ACL was not even there. So hopefully everything goes well with him today. 
Thank you so much for the care package! That will make conference really nice, even though we have to sit in these uncomfortable chairs for 6 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday, and I don't even get to go to Crown Burger after... But that's okay. I'll probably learn more, not in my bedroom during conference as usual.
I don't have a whole lot to say today, but thanks for the letters, packages, and support.
Love you!
-Elder Morgan

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