Tuesday, October 16, 2012

He's gone!

Last Tuesday Mom called down to the MTC Health Center to give Cole permission to get a new retainer. He lost his and the lunch lady wouldn't let him look through the garbage. Anyway, when Mom called down there the lady said, "Oh he just came in and told us he's leaving tomorrow." Tomorrow! Cole emailed us that afternoon. He got a note in his mailbox that morning saying to report to the office Wednesday morning at 5am.
He called Mom and Dad around 7am from the airport that day and they were able to talk for a while. He was still anxious about the language, but excited to go. His plane left at 8:30am and he was traveling with 8 other missionaries to Colombia. They had a 2 hour layover at the JFK airport where he called me and Brock. The connection was a little fuzzy, but he sounded good.
His flight to Colombia was another 6 hours. He got there safely and sent an email Thursday telling us that his Mission President at the MTC there speaks English which he is very grateful for. We haven't heard anything since then, but I'm sure he's doing great! We'll keep you posted!

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