Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bogota MTC

Okay so obviously I was wrong about getting to email on Friday and we still only have 30 minutes so I'm gonna try and fit as much in as a I can. So last Tuesday they said we were leaving so we had like 12 hours to get ready. I got on the plane Friday morning and was off! We got to New York and were there for about an hour and then boarded the plane for Colombia. It was a 6 hour flight and it was super long especially in a suit, but my seat was by other missionaries the whole way so that was nice. The flight attendant on the plane said that lots of people who go on missions get hired as flight attendants because they speak two languages, so there's my fall back! The airport was super scary since I spoke no Spanish and I just told customs I don't know like 12 times, but they let me in the country. Then there was a guy waiting to drive us to the MTC, so that was nice. I got to my room and couldn't sleep and then got up at 6:30 for gym time. The first day we had interviews with the President here. He's so nice. He's like 80 somethin and hasn't even tried to speak Spanish to me. So we get along. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Sawyer. He's cool and from Washington. After interviews with the president we met with his wife about health stuff. So I told her about my retainer, but we'll see what happens. That day we had class which wasn't that bad. My whole district all flew here from Provo, so we're all learning Spanish still. I'm still the worst at it, but it's okay! So then the next day we had classes again which was fun! Basically a regular day is wake up, gym, shower, breakfast, class, lunch, class, dinner, study time, bed. With lots of language study haha. but pretty much not a single day here has been normal.
Now I'm going to get to the best part. So we basically saw this on the schedule from day one, but on Saturday..... WE WENT PROSELYTING!!!! Yep that's right. In the country for 3 days and I was out teaching the gospel. They drove everyone in the mtc over to different areas and put us with missionaries in the Bogota, North mission. I was with one kid from this mtc and a missionary in the field. The elder from here is from Mexico and speaks pretty good english and wanted to practice that all day rather than speak spanish which was frustrating, but I tried to pick up as much as I could. We did contacting all the day long. We went and knocked on a lot of doors. At every single "house" they would look at the other two and talk to them, then just smile when they saw me because I couldn't talk and just smiled. We taught these three ladies who didn't care much for religion. They'd be in an intense discussion with the missionary and then look at me and just smile and laugh because I just smiled at them and said hi to their kids. Really like a ton happened Saturday, but I don't have much time left. So then we came back and hit the hay. Sunday was awesome. The president set up a lot of movies for us to watch in English and taught us this lesson on the atonement that was just spectacular. We read Bruce R Mcconkies last talk in conference, and wow... anyways. Sunday was great. Then Monday we were kind of alone all day because the Latinos were in meetings because they all left the next day. Tuesday was SUPER SWEET! We basically had a fun day since we were the only ones here. We went to the temple, Bogota temple..... So sweet! It was all Spanish but that's okay. I understood like 4 words haha. I also got to meet the temple president and his wife! They are the grandparents of my friend Zack Moreno from school who was in choir with me and much much more. But they were really nice and said they'd been expecting me for a long time. Then! We basically got to go out and explore Bogota for a day! We went to the gold museum, and then to the top of this mountain from which we could see all of Bogota! There was a church up there and it was so cool and can't even explain it. I took some pictures though and then late last night more North Americans got here and some are in our room which is cool that we're veterans already. And a whole new swarm of Latinos come in today. The old ones all left Tuesday.
So here's the deal. Don't send anything to this MTC is what they keep saying because by the time it gets here I'll probably be in Barranquilla. I don't know if I can ever send anything out of the country because they don't have a mail service in this country... but I'll see what I can do. I'm like out of time, but this week was so exciting so, I'll let you know more stuff next week.
I love you all!

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