Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bogota MTC - Part 2

So another week! It's been a lot less hectic and we're more in a routine now. A new group of latins came in along with some more Americans so we're not as big of celebrities anymore since there's like ten white people here now. But all the latins still try to talk to us and some try to tell us stuff that we should say when we get to our missions and then giggle, LIKE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME AROUND THE BLOCK pshhh, but they really are all super nice and try to help us with Spanish. The other day we were able to go and get fingerprinted for Visas and such! That was fun to leave for a little bit again, and today we got to go to the temple which I love since I now have an in with the President and his wife.
We practice teaching a lot with our investigators who are really our teachers. They say that our Spanish is getting better and better every day which is nice to hear. And the two elders in our district who were in advanced Spanish in Provo got moved in with a native district, so that makes us all look a lot smarter too. We also got a new elder in our district named Elder Perfect which isn't even a joke. He's really cool and has been a convert for about a year and knows more than most people here haha.
The president here pretty much has us do all the super spiritual stuff like movies, devotionals, and sunday lessons in English. It's nice to not be translating the whole time, but that just means we have to practice that much harder. We got to watch the Joseph Smith movie that they show at the JSMB in temple square which was SUPER AWESOME. Only on a mission do you get that excited for that... But it's really good
So I told everyone to use Dearelder, but I don't think that works that well down here, so i don't know. haha If you want I'll just talk to you all in two years haha. And i don't know how, but I'll try and get some pictures home eventually?
Oh and I've talked to some elders here from Barranquilla, and they all just say it's beautiful and the people are really nice, but of course, really hot. I also get to eat fish, and they have lots of lobster apparently!
So, I love everyone! bye!

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