Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Juicy!

Hello family and friends! Another week here in the Colombian MTC! It's been good and in 6 days guess what? I leave here for Barranquilla! It's super wild, and yeah.... I know like zero Spanish, so everyone pray I get a trainer that really wants to teach Spanish and is super patient! haha. I love hearing from everyone at home and I'm sorry if anyone has sent a letter or something and I didn't get it, I love you all!
So we're been teaching our fake investigators and it's going really well. Nelson is getting baptized next week haha and Laura is starting to like us. Yes I know they're not real and you don't know them, but it's about as much exitement as we get in here! We've been learning a ton and it's super awesome! I don't have the ability to say too much, but I feel like in lessons I can kind of carry myself which is nice!
So the most exciting part of the week was when our teacher, Hermana Mendivelsa, told us that she's taking us all out tracting for one hour this week. My companion and I went yesterday and she just walked with us all the way to this plaza, but was about 100 feet behind us the whole time so we we're on our own! 2 gringos talking to Colombians trying to mumble through conversations! We were able to get TWO whole contacts to give to the real missionaries and that was all within like 30 minutes. We were talking to one getlemen when I said "We don't really know too much Spanish, but we can send you some other missionaries who do!" He laughed and said he could understand a lot of what we said, but he knew we didn't know Spanish, so that was nice of him! I know this is the cheesy stuff from the Ensign, but I know the Lord was filling my mouth for me because I had been praying for help during that all day. And there were times where I realized I had no idea what I'd been saying for the last 5 minutes, and they were still listening!
Everyone in my district is pretty bad at Spanish too, so that makes me feel a little better, but pretty much all of them have checked out mentally and just talk all the time which is making it hard to focus and cram everything I still need to learn (mucho) into one week, but it's okay. I know I have a lot of faults, but I realized one thing, I do pretty well at obeying all the rules and I know that the Lord has blessed me for that.
I got my impression taken for my retainer yesterday! So I'll be getting that soon which will be nice. (It'll be like 50 or 60 bucks for those watching my bank account haha)
Do you guys want to hear my favorite past time here? Watching the romance among all the teachers here, and might I add that I am the best detective thi side of Bogota! So, here are the characters in play: Hermano Rivera, my teacher in the morning. Hermana Mendivelsa, my teacher in the afternoon. Hermano Diaz, teacher at night. And then Hermana Ortega who is another teacher here.
So one day I saw Hna. Ortega and Hno. Diaz kiss (80 percent sure on the mouth), but Hno Diaz denies having a girlfriend tooth and nail. So then I was asking Hna Mendivelsa if she and Hno. Rivera had ever dated and she said no, but to ask Hno Rivera about Hna Ortega. I asked him and after lots of praying here's the long story short. Hno Rivera and Hno Diaz are in a battle to win the heart of Hna Ortega. Unfortuately I had to be the messenger to tell Hno Rivera that he is losing, but he has a shot still because they used to date. Then! We also have a suspicion that Hna Mendi has a crush on Rivera. It's SUPER juicy here! One week to get it all squared away.
So everyone here is all worried about what's happening in the baseball playoffs while I'm twiddling my thumbs thinking aobut the election next week. So let's all hope for the best and that Cole can come home to a nice country haha just kidding. I'm focused here I promise.
I love you all! Next time I email you will be in Barranquilla, where it's hotter than anything apparently!

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