Monday, November 26, 2012

Buena Esperanza

Okay week number 2 here in Buena Esperanza! It´s been good! We have a lot of appointments and that´s really nice! So it rained a few days ago..... Rain here is something entirely different! We were in a lunch appointment when it started but had to leave for our appointment. It´s THICK rain and a ton of it! We also had to walk through the streets which were basically rivers haha. Sorry Mr Mac shoes... They´re still not dry haha. So the same handkerchief I was using for sweat (like father like son) was then to dry my face as a I walked in to teach this lady haha.
Last pday we went to this mall which was cool. Here´s the thing about Colombia, stuff is cheap, unless it´s American haha. McDonalds was super expensive haha. It was weird because there´s one store that is basically all American and I felt like I was in WalMart, but not able to buy any of the fun stuff haha.
So there´s 3 Americans and 1 latine (My companion) here. So on Wednesday nights we teach English class. But this last Wednesday it was just me which was fun since they couldn´t understand me and the other way around, but it´s just young kids so it was fine. The people in this ward are super nice. Especially to me since I can´t say much haha. There´s one kid who´s 17 that always comes with us to teach named Diego who´s learning English so he likes to talk to me haha.
Thursday was my first baptism haha. We can´t take much credit because other missionaries found them and taught most of the lessons, but we got to baptize them so that was nice! Their names are Julio and Esaida. Pictures are attached in the email.
Yesterday was church and that was fun since about an hour before one of the missionaries in our apartment told me "hey you have a talk today" so I got to give a talk yesterday haha. I spoke on charity because I want the ward to know how important it is that they welcome the new investigators. Also it was unfortunate that none of our investigators came to church. We visited them and they all said that they were busy because of the rain the day before (hogwash).
Our lessons are slowly and slowly getting better. I can talk a little bit before and then after the prayer my companion just looks at me to begin. A lot of the time after I say something they look at him to re-explain, but usually not, so that´s good! And I´ve extended the baptismal invitation twice now which is scary, but exciting. Both times they said that if they can feel it then they´ll be baptized. So now it´s time to actually get to work haha.
The ward here is all super nice. We eat either at a members house or the bishops for lunch every day. The bishop´s wife told me the other day I´ve gotten a lot better since the first time she met me because all I did was smile. She also told me not to worry about Spanish because people here in the coast speak so fast that they can´t even understand each other sometimes hahah.
So laundry here is cool! We rent machines and you just throw soap in with buckets of water while it spins. Then there´s a centrifuge thing to make them damp haha.
I included a lot of pictures this week. There´s pictures of me and all my companions so far, my district back in Provo, pictures from our one day of exploring back in Bogota. We went to the mountain where you can see the whole city and there is a Jesus trophy picture too. That day we went to the gold museum and I found a hidden mickey! haha
I miss home a ton and think about everyone all the time. I wish Edward the best of luck! The MTC really is great. Congratulations to Trenton! Chile is a sweet call (1 in 20 people are members there).
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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