Monday, November 12, 2012


ESTOY AQUÍ! Bienvenidos a Barranquilla!  Well I don´t really know what to say to start out haha. So we left last Tuesday morning and got here around 8 in the morning.I don´t know why, but some how I ended up in first class on the flight haha, so I just slept (trait from dad) the whole ride, there were like 6 missionaries up there. I´m not kidding that I could feel the heat the moment they opened the door to the plane haha. I´d describe more about the heat, but I would need some INSANE descriptive writing skills haha. My best description is this. Imagine you´re in an oven... The oven has been set to the ¨clean¨ stage and then you´re walking around in it, and then there´s a pot of boiling water in there too for humidity purposes haha. The mission president was waiting for us as we got off the plane and greeted us all. SO HOT!!! haha. We drove to the mission office which is the church that the president calls the celestial kingdom since it has air conditioning haha. We ate there and had interviews. Mine was really short since he doesn´t speak a word of English and I speak like 4 words of Spanish haha, but he really is great and I´m excited. But he´s almost done with his time as a mission president, so I´ll have a new one next summer.
After my interview they took us to go out with some missionaries (not my real companion yet) just until the next day. I was with an Elder Santiago and we did some appointments. I couldn´t say much to him, but he was nice. He would just ask me to bear my testimony periodically throughout the lesson. That night we slept at that apartment and wow... gross haha. A few cockroaches here and there, but they had three showers! haha. They were 10 missionaries there that night because the next day was transfers.
The next day we went to the mission office and had some training. It was nice and they fed us (saw Obama won on the way there.... haha). Then they assigned us all our trainers. My trainer´s name is Elder Silva from Peru! He´s really nice and the patience on this guy is unbelievable haha. We drove to our area which is here in Barranquilla and within 30 minutes we were out the door finding members to direct us places. We work a lot with a priest aged kid named Diego. The area (which is one ward) is called Buena Esperanza. The people here are super nice. They look at me like a baby since I can´t talk to them haha, but that´s okay!
Every day we have lunch with a member, but this last week has been with the bishop every day.
It´s good but I´m almost out of time. So don´t worry and my apartment here in my area is actually super nice haha. There are also two other Americans living with us. I really struggle with the language a ridiculous amount, but I pray every day to be able to talk to them. I just need more practice.
Good news! They print the dearelders here and I´ll get them once a month. I got the package with my iPod! Apparently Christmas packages should have been sent... but your other package got here pretty quick, so maybe a Christmas miracle haha. I don´t know what I really want or need for christmas. So whatever you´d like to send haha.I love you all! I promise to send pictures next week.

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