Friday, February 15, 2013

More Carnaval Adventures

Woohoo what a week. So we`re here in Buena Esperanza working and contacting a lot because there aren`t a whole ton of investigators. Last Monday we were contacting at night and found a guy who let us in and said he has a student that gave him a Book of Mormon, but didn`t read it because the names were all different. So we explained why and he just said, "Oh, okay, now I understand. I`ll start reading it." Then his son came in and so we`re now teaching them both. Tuesday and Wednesday we did a lot of contacting and found some pretty good people, but the problem is that we had to schedule all of our appointments for the next week since it`s Carnaval right now. We found one guy in his house and he let us in right away and was really nice. I asked him what motivated him to listen to us and he said that he was praying super hard in the morning for God to talk to him. And then we came by and already feels like God answered him, so that was nice of him to say! Thursday we had Zone Conference from 8 in the morning until like 9 at night.... wee... but it was good. I learned a lot. Then after this day of zone conference we have had to wonderful opportunity of not being able to leave the house! Because it`s "dangerous" outside. Just kidding I`ve seen some "Negritos" which means little people who paint themselves black then go around asking for money, and if you don`t give them any, they hug or hit you with their painted body. I also saw a old guy walking down the street in nothing but a towel, but I think we`ll all get to that point eventually. Right? So yeah Carnaval is fun haha. The members are nice enough to bring us lunch, but not today (don`t worry I still have mashed potatoes). I want cool pictures of the Carnaval festivities but we can`t really see much from our house. We`re just sitting in the house studying all day. I get along well with this Elder that works in a different ward but lives in our apartment as a trainer to another Elder. His name`s Elder Palmer. He`s from Sandyish area and went to Brighton. I started watching a summary video of the WHOLE Old Testament. And hey, if that`s not fun I don`t know what is. We got to leave to go to the church yesterday! in taxi... it`s like a two minute walk.... But hey church was good. We`re the teachers for the Gospel Principles class and yesterday the lesson was on the fall of Adam and Eve. I drew pictures to help them understand, and it was super fun. Anyways, I hope that this week has been good for all of you. Leave the house for me or something like that. I love you all and thank anyone who`s sent me a letter (Addison - real bros, Lauren and Emmie) and a package (mom and family). The peanut butter you sent has been a life-saver. Love you buh-bye!

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