Monday, February 18, 2013

Stake Conference

Hello. So the week`s been pretty good. We finished up Carnaval and were finally able to leave the house on Wednesday. We went out and visited all of our investigators and WOW!!! So there was a guy that we found the day before we got shut in the house. We gave him a Book of Mormon and then didn`t talk to him for 5 days. When we went back he said he had read a little. He said "I`m in Nephi, chapter 2, Verse 26" and we were like "hey that`s cool that you read a 3 pages" then he comes and and says "Oh, 2 Nephi chapter 26" and then said, "wait no, I finished that. I`m in Jacob" Then during our lesson about the plan of salvation he quoted scriptures and told us the TRUE story of Adam and Eve. WHAT!!!!! He said he already felt like God was talking to him through the book and wanted to go to church really bad. And guess what... HE CAME TO STAKE CONFERENCE!!!!!! Yeah buddy! There`s another investigator we found 2 days before that and he waits for us to come and assign him his chapter to read every 2 days and reads it like 3 times so he can discuss it with us. And guess what... HE ALSO CAME TO STAKE CONFERENCE!!! Double yeah buddy. So stake conference was good and our mission president spake along with a member of the 70 (Juan Ucera) and it was really good. On Saturday my companion got sent to Cartagena for the day to baptize an investigator he was teaching and I said I didn`t want to go because we had a ton of appointments, so they found me a mini missionary to go out with me. He`s a priest who got his mission call and didn`t open it because he had to come out with me (I felt bad) but we had a pretty good day. We were contacting and then I said it was his turn and he got scared but did it. I told him just to tell them that we`re representatives of Jesus Christ. So rather than saying hello or something like "how are you" first, he opened with yelling. "HI WE REPRESENT JESUS CHRIST" Then froze and stopped talking. It was really funny and later on he thanked me for the experience, but gally it was funny haha. Our bishop told us yesterday that since we don`t have a ward mission leader that the stake said it`s our job now to activate an inactive to be the next ward mission leader, and then find another to be the elders quorum president. So we`re working in that now haha. We found a guy who`s 99 years old. Then we went back and he said our church is of the devil... We`ll see when he departs this world in the next 5 minutes or so haha So that`s the majority of the week. Things are going well. We have a couple of solid investigators, but we`re working to find a whole lot more. Love you bye

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