Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Pray!

So I have very little time this week so I`ll type this out like something that moves really fast. I don`t have much time because we had zone pday with the president so we got to play soccer with him and the rest of our zone which was fun... ish because I can`t play soccer haha. This week has been good and I feel like I`m improving in a lot of areas. We actually had a legitimate investigator come to church so that was really cool haha. We have found some really good new investigators too, but the problem here is that everybody works all the time so they can`t come to church, but we`ll see how this will work out after we teach them the sabbath day haha. I`ve been studying a lot in preach my gospel about recognizing the spirit lately and then read the story of the liahona in first nephi. This is great when you analyze it because you really can see the pattern that the lord has established. We need to work and act before he will just give us all the direction that we want. So I`ve been applying that lately which is awesome as a missionary, but I just want our investigators to do the same haha. I don`t understand why they won`t just pray!!!!! Every visit we ask, "did you pray for an answer?" and they just won`t do it! It really is like 5 minutes (or like 3 days if it goes well), but yeah. Also we`ve found a lot of inactive people here, but one is a little crazy haha. She works in this little corner store and called me and my companion over to tell us the story of why she doesn`t come to church. She basically just told us that every woman in this ward is evil and they all gossip (as she gossiped us this info I saw the validity of her story). But gally! We`re going over there in a little bit to talk with her. Suggestions? So I got the Christmas package and wowzers! it`s freakin awesome (i don`t really know because I don`t want to unwrap the presents until Christmas). And did you send two because another package just came for me today and if it was the one you sent last week I think you sent it by floo powder because nobody here gets packages that quick haha. Sorry I can`t write more this week, I will next week but I love you all! Especially mom dad callie brock tj and jeff`s adopted in so him too and all the bros and everyone else who`s reading this (you know who you are because you`re reading this.) BYE!

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