Monday, December 17, 2012

Beware of Ironing and Showering!

Okay another week has come and gone! First things first, THANKS FOR THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGES FAMILY! haha. I just want to eat the nuts and bolts ALL THE TIME!!! I have my stocking hung up on our board of investigators and I eat my chocolate candy every day in the calendar, and thanks for the scripture in each day too haha. So this last week has actually been a little hectic because one of the zone leaders in my apartment got called as Assistant so we´re currently in a trio until transfers this Wednesday haha. That´s right I´m a zone leader who´s still being trained haha. But yeah it´s cool that Elder Andrus was made assistant because I totally ironed his shirt one day so he owes me one now. The work here is going strong! We´ve been finding some good new investigators and that´s awesome! But they don´t like to leave their houses for church on Sunday haha. This is the problem with a lot of the costeƱos (the coastal people of Colombia who like to party and whom I serve) they don´t really like to do things haha. But some investigators we have are really good. One who has been receiving lessons for like 3 months but never came to church, came to an activity!!! but not church haha. Slowly but surely.. Choir.... is bad haha. Not many people like to come and the ones who do can´t sing haha, but it´s okay! We´re singing silent night in church next week, but we´ll see how that works out. Do you want to hear the funniest thing I´ve heard in my life? The bishop´s wife told us that it´s bad to iron and then shower here. Wanna know why? Because the iron is hot and then the showers are cold, so it will give us arthritis hahahahahahaha. When she said this the other zone leader and I were basically rolling on the floor laughing, but she believes it 100%!!! She then told us that one day the bishop ironed, then went to the church to perform a baptism, then that night his leg was stiff. I told her this was false doctrine and she then explained that it´s because the iron is hot and then the climate is hot too. This is why we haven´t heard of this in Utah because here it´s hotter. Anyways yeah that´s awesome. Spanish is still tough but getting better! One investigator told me that he knows I´m speaking with the spirit so he knows exactly what I want to say. That made me feel really good. And some other people in the ward said I´m way better than when I got here so that´s nice of them. I´ve heard about a lot of the people leaving on missions now and that´s awesome! I want to be there to see where everyone´s going and go to your farewells haha. For skype I can skype any day between the 20th and the 31st so I´ll talk more about that next week for specifics. I love you all and I´ll talk to the family soon! ps. Friends... I want to email you, but it´s against the rules, so I´m working on a way to write letters you can get so just know I´ve not forgotten you haha. bros. I love you all. Ed, I miss you too! and you´re gonna be great in the field.

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