Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! I hope you´re at Nicklecade right now and are having a good day haha. It doesn´t really feel like Christmas eve here so I´m not too home sick about it haha, but still a little. We heard some christmas music today in the store which was nice. But when you´re living in an inferno, it´s weird to think about a nice white peaceful Christmas haha. We had a nice Christmas activity this last week with the president which was nice. We had lunch, secret santa (I got a tshirt), and then a little training by the president. Then of course finished it off with a proselyting activity haha. It was a nice day and fun because I got to proselyte in a santa hat, and during the activity we were in a park trying to talk to people exercising so they´d say "sorry I´m walking right now" and we´d say "that´s okay we´ll walk with you" haha. Around the whole park until they´d accept a Liahona and give us their address. We got a new Zone Leader this week who´s also from Utah but he´s a little weird haha. But really nice so that´s good. He´s from Heber. We also have two other Elders living in a house meant for 4 until they can find a new house. So we´re a little cramped. But we currently have 4 Amercians and two latinos which is the rarest thing in the world, but I like it haha. A lot of the people here (members, investigators, crazy people in the corner stores) have been telling me that my Spanish is getting way better way fast, I still have a LONG ways to go, but it´s nice to hear that I´m progressing haha. I also got to see my old MTC companion Elder House during the Christmas activity! It was nice to compare notes and see how we´re both moving along. Also! So we were in this activity and one elder who I only saw my first day here saw me and ran over to say hi. He hugged me and then said (speaks English) "ARE YOU EATING!!! YOU´RE SO SKINNY!" hahaha. Don´t worry I´m still chubby but yeah I´ve been losing a lot of weight I think. I can´t tell except that I had two belts when I entered the MTC. One was already a little big so I was on the second to last hole and now can´t use it, and the other belt (I was on the first hole) I´m on the last hole out of 4! haha. So I bought a belt today too hahaha. The bishop and his family also told me I´m looking a lot skinnier which is better for me (Thanks doctor who thinks that ironing before you shower is bad for you haha.) Our investigators are few, but I felt good about our progress with them. We´re working with a 14 year old who only lacks permission from his dad. He´s really smart and remembers everything. Yesterday we sat down with him with a lesson plan and then I just had a thought come to my mind to talk about something completely different. I asked him how he feels in church and he said good. Then I asked "Why do you think that when you´re in church you want to be baptized, and when you´re with your friends you don´t" The answer is simple I thought, but stumped him speechless haha. We then talked aobut the spirit and how it´s working in him right now. Then I told him that he needs to start reading and praying for a strong testimony to talk to his dad. He was so excited and said "I´m going to read right after you leave" then hugged me when we left. I know that the Lord was there just ready to work through me. I´m just glad I got to be there haha. We´re also working with an excommunicated member who used to be a member of the high counsel. It´s so weird to see how far a person can go without the gospel in their lives, but I still think he can come back. He is serious with my companion but is just so excited when he sees me to see how much better my spanish is every visit haha. He´ll shake my comapanions hand and say "Good day Elder" Then smile and laugh and say "Elder Morgan how are you my little friend haha". Hey remember how I really wanted a tie clip when I left? An investigator just gave me one the other day because he said I don´t want you to worry about your tie blowing around while you´re working hahaha. MY CHOIR SANG IN CHURCH YESTERDAY!!! I didn´t know until a week ago that it would be ward conference with the stake president and yeah we did pretty good! I told the other American´s that they had to join haha. We didn´t sing in parts or anything fancy, but just the fact that we practiced was better than the regular congregation haha. So this is the report from here in Barranquilla! I´m trying my hardest to hold down this part of the world and give it the gospel haha. I´m so excited to open all my presents tomorrow and I´ve been using my little Christmas countdown calendar every day haha. And I´m stoked for Skype on Wednesday haha. Let´s all pray that it works just fine. Wednesday 7:30 my time 5:30 your time. BE THERE! I love you all and Merry Christmas! And a happy Festivus yesterday!

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