Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas, Costco and a Birthday Shout Out!

Hello!!! So here I am just after Christmas which was pretty nice. We didn`t do much different but the day wasn`t much for teaching. The missionary handbook says that holidays are great for proselyting because families are together in their homes. While that may be true, "family together" here means lots of beer hahaha. So we taught one investigator who`s really good and visited some members who just kept wanting to give us food. Then of course the best part of Christmas was when I got to talk to my family the next day!!!! That was super awesome, and yeah I wasn`t crying, I just was sweating out of my eyeballs because it`s so hot haha. When I walked out of the internet cafè we saw one of the other companionships in our house and the American (who`s been to our ward at home) said "Don`t worry I was crying too." haha. But yeah he was mistaken, I`m a man and men don`t cry. We also had a ward Christmas party that night which was cool. Christmas at home sounds like it was freaking awesome! haha and I can not thank you enough for my presents (Especially the lego Ironman). I never was a HUGE fan of tootsie rolls before my mission, but they`re SOOOOOO good hahaha. So Friday through Sunday were different days too. My companion went to the doctor because he was having pain... in his leg.....ish... and the doctor told him that he shouldn`t walk for three days and put ice on his.... leg... so we tried to find a mini missionary (a priest who can just walk around with me), but we needed two. One two sit with him and one to go with me. On Friday we couldn`t find one so I put a bunk bed together for the other elders and read a lot in the Book of Mormon and New Testament (Try reading the sermon on the mount and when Christ appears to the Nephites at the temple, it`s like it`s the same guy!). Then on Saturday we were able to find two mini missionaries, which honestly scared me half to Mt. St. Helens and back because that meant it was my turn to be the boss haha. Usually in the lessons I talk about 35% of the time, but now it was my turn to lead lessons and everything.... I was scared but we did it haha. We also got a girl to say she`d be baptized! Then on Sunday I had a different mini missionary and we did it all again, so yeah haha. It showed me a lot of where I still need to improve and what I`m doing right so that was good. So today`s pday and we did something super awesome. WE WENT TO COSTCO (basically). It`s called Price Smart and they sell like all American products and it`s in bulk. I had to buy a membership but it`s good for a year so that`s cool. I`m like an adult. They had food like costco does, samples too! They had lots of good treats like chocolate covered raisins that I wanted to buy, but I didn`t because I`m practical. So I just stuck to pop tarts. Another pday surprise! No water again.... haha. The water was off at like 11, so we`ll see how soon it comes back this time. Last time it was 2 days and I thought it sucked with 4 elders. Now we have 6 elders hahaha. So I`m praying the water comes back soon. So I`m all the way here in Colombia, but I have to give credit to the one man that has made my life so great always and has always supported me in everything including the mission beyond belief. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that it`s super awesome on Wednesday and that I love you and can`t thank you enough for all of your support in my life. I want you to know that I wouldn`t be where I am today without your firm example in my life. I love you!

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