Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Baptisms and some Pictures!

Hi! So this week was really good! We had two baptisms which was super cool! Alba Ardila and Indira Paez. Indira (14 years old) asked if the kid who always goes on visits with us would baptize her and Alba asked if I would baptize her so I got to baptize someone which was cool, but she said that water got in her nose so I think I need to work on my technique a little bit haha. We had zone meeting (which is once a month) and that was cool. They asked for someone to volunteer to do a demonstration in front of everyone, and nobody was raising their hand, then I thought, well, I have to learn somehow! So I raised my hand and did the demonstration in front of the whole zone. After we did it the zone leaders said "That`s Elder Morgan who has a little more than one transfer in the mission field," and everyone was super impressed and I think for the first time ever my trainer smiled haha and later told me that he was proud haha (first time! nailed it!) We did a lot of contacting this week which is always.... a blast haha, but we found a lot of new people to teach. We found one guy that told us he wanted us to come back because his son served an LDS mission. So we went back and talked to him. He was really nice and said whenever we want we can come by for refreshments (after trying to give us coffee and tea) and then politely said that there is nothing that we know that he doesn`t already know (liar) and that he`s more educated, and experienced than us (he`s a lawyer). Just as we were about to dive in he said that he didn`t have time and said we had to leave, but wants us to come back, so we`ll see what`s going to happen there. Our investigator who`s excommunicated has been reading the Book of Mormon that we gave him and said that it`s way better than the first few times, so we`ll see what happens there too! Also, a kid in the ward here named Diego found my Facebook... He said he was going to go add everyone I know and I told him no, but if anyone gets a friendship request just turn him down haha. I`ve been carrying around my Ironman pez dispenser and all the kids are in love with me, until they eat them all haha. And by kids that also includes 20 year olds haha. It was a little bad when during church a kid came in and said "Where`s the ironman candy?" haha Well that`s the majority of the news from the mission field this week, I love you all and hope it`s really cold! P.S. I wanted mac n` cheese but there was no butter or milk, so Elder Davidson is a genius and said "Hey! What do you get when you combine butter and milk? Whip cream! So we are currently making whip cream mac n` cheese every not, and it aint too shabby!

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