Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Having fun!

Hello! So this last week was good. Sorry about the confusion. Transfers are this week (tomorrow night) so I still don´t know if I´m staying or leaving. I want to stay because I´m gotten used to life here, but we´ll see how it goes. I know that the Lord will put me where he thinks I should be. The ward here is also a little nervous for transfers. There´s 4 missionaries here and they´ve all told us who they want to stay and who they want to leave haha. Of all the youth and some of the adults they say that want me and one of the zone leaders to stay, but don´t like our companions, but we´ll see what happens! This last Monday we went downtown and I bought this super awesome bright shirt for Carnaval haha. Carnaval is next week and this is the holiday that lasts for days and is bigger that Christmas. Barranquilla has the second largest carnaval in the world and as missionaries we get to sit in the house locked up because it´s really bad outside haha, but if I get transferred out of Barranquilla then I won´t be. This last week my companion and I have been going in to the more dangerous part (don´t worry I´m fine) to work with these two inactive families. It´s sad to see two formerly strong families that have just completely fallen away. We got a lot of the kids of one family to come to church on Sunday and everyone was shocked to see them because they´ve been inactive for 4 years. But that´s what happens when your in a ward that doesn´t like to do home teaching or visit inactives. A member of the stake high counsel had a meeting with us as the missionaries in this ward to see what we think needs to be done because the stake is nervous about this ward. We just said that the leaders need to be trained. So I hope that some changes are made. As for investigators things are okay. Our one strong investigator just needs to get married and then he can get baptized. But he found some anti mormon stuff on the internet so i hope that he stays away from that. We had to explain the whole polygamy thing to him. We taught some kids yesterday which was fun because I drew them a picture of the plan of salvation and they laughed really hard. I just have to do stuff to lighten it up sometimes because my companion is super serious and has a mean look when he teaches, even these 12 year olds, so I have to be the one to make sure they smile, laugh, and understand haha. I´m really starting to just love teaching, it´s actually fun when you get in good with a lesson, but I just wish I knew more scriptures and spanish, but when we teach kids I can get along pretty well. A few days ago we were teaching one of these inactive families and there were literally 8 kids staring at me. I was sitting on a rock, because one of them didn´t have a chair so I gave it to her, and then their crazy grandma came out (this lady is psycho). She looked at me on the rock and all the kids around me and just started laughing and said "It´s like Jesus in that one picture!!!" We all just busted up laughing and it was funny. Then one of the kids told me it was her birthday, so luckily I had brought one of my 90 Airheads that a bought at the Costco type place here to give to her. Then they all wanted one haha. We went to the costco place and I got Nature valley granola bars, 90 airheads, and..... POTATO PEARLS!!! (or flakes whatever)! I was so stoked haha. I finish training this week! super scared because I don´t feel fully trained, but here we go! haha And that´s the week. I love you all and I hope it´s all going well at home!

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