Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dangerous Roads, Nice People

Okay I´m emailing a little earlier this week, but he what a week it has been! So there´s 6 elders in my house and one of them (Elder Hill) had to leave because he needed surgery, so who did they send? Another gringo haha, which didn´t make my companion very happy. This new elder has 1 transfer more than me, and he´s pretty cool, and lives in cottonwood heights. This week we contacted the heck out of this ward, and found some new people, but the problem is that our area is HUGE! but where we´ve been working is pretty small, but we can´t go to a lot of places because it´s dangerous. So in this small area where we´ve been working everyone knows who we are pretty much and is sick of us. One street we literally saw people run into their houses because they saw the two kids in white shirts coming haha. So a few days ago we received a reference. My companion doesn´t like to go anywhere if it´s too far and just says "No it´s too dangerous," but I convinced him that we should cross this little dirt road that does look a little sketchy, BUT once you cross the scary road, there´s like a NICE neighborhood! So we´re going to contact over there this week which is pretty exciting. We also talked to a returned missionary who´s less active and he said he´d go with us in the area that actually is dangerous (but it´s okay if you go with a member) and we went there and found two inactive families of like more than 6 that said they´d come back to church! So that was sweet! Wednesday night we had our interviews with the president that he does every 3 months. It was nice to talk to him, and I could certainly say more to him this time than the last time I spoke with him haha. In English class this week they asked me to sing Lady gaga because they said music helped them remember, so I sang them Angels we have heard on high instead haha. I spoke in church yesterday which is always fun haha, but it went pretty well. So really this week was pretty eventful and that made it go by super fast. I am really starting to enjoy all of it, even contacting is starting to get fun haha. I still have a lot to learn, but this is also my last week of training! Next Tuesday is transfers and so that´s going to be exciting. They basically never keep a trainer and trainee together after training, so one of us is going to leave probably, and I think that it will be me since my companion is district leader. I kind of want to stay here in Barranquilla though because Carnaval is in like 2 weeks. It´ll be cool to see, but this also means drinking like crazy haha. Congratulations to my cousin Hayden on the mission call!!! The Phillipines, that´s freaking sweet! haha I love you all and I hope that all is going well at home! I miss you! Bye!

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