Friday, August 8, 2014

July 12, 2014

I´m helping president with the interviews so I´m not really going to write today... but I´ll tell you the bad news. Last night I went to stay with some zone leaders here in Cartagena and I went with one to buy something to eat and the other one said he´d take my bags in to the house... but he forgot. They went inside the house and he later remembered that he left all my stuff outside, but it was too late. Someone had passed by and swiped it all.

I lost the following:
Scriptures that I´ve used the whole mission
Ministers certificate
ID (colombian not american)
Camera with pictures since my 1 year mark
Two days worth of clothes
Running shoes
Preach my Gospel
and the worst................................  mission journal........

but life goes on. I´ll write more on Monday

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