Friday, August 8, 2014

June 7, 2014


We had leadership counsel this week and it went very well. I was very worried on Tuesday because we hadn´t really prepared, my companion was very frustrated because he didn´t know how to prepare a training, and we also had to get ready that same day for zone conferences this Saturday, BUT I fasted and asked God to help us get the trainings ready. I was really nervous because we had a lot to do and very little time, but god blessed us. The next day president felt like he should move the zone conference to a few weeks later so that we´d have more time to get ready and we could focus on the leadership counsel. What an answer.

In the leadership counsel we were able to share two great trainings and my companion could share a little bit more and that helped him out. My companion and I have been struggling because he says he just gets frustrated because he doesn´t know what to do here in the office and then he gets upset and when we leave for the area he just doesn´t talk in the lessons and then at night tells me that I don´t let him participate. I´ve felt bad, but I´ve been praying hard to know how to help him and how I could be more humble. So every day I just look to involve him more in the office and lots of patience.

Yesterday I was on an exchange but here in my own area and I loved it because we got out pretty early and we got to knock on a LOT of doors haha. It sounds weird, but I was nervous to knock on doors, but after each door I just got more and more excited!!! Nobody even listened to us and most of them were pretty rude, but I just got so excited about the message we were sharing and the spirit bore testimony to me every time I told someone that I knew these things were true.

We knocked on a lot of doors, but at night the lord blessed us with 2 new and great investigators. Rafael´s mom! and the maid of some members who´s gone to church a lot and feels like these things are true!! God´s so great

Love, Cole

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