Friday, August 8, 2014

June 23, 2014

So it´s been a totally hectic week. Tuesday I got up at 3:30 to go and pick up a new missionary and send a missionary off to Bogota and then we did an exchange with some zone leaders that went super well.
Wedneday I got up at 5:30 to get home in time to prepare for the first zone conference. We did the zone conference and we got a little behind but I´d say that it was definitely a success! Then at night we were able to head out to the area and teach some people and we taught a new investigator that is totally awesome named Over... weird name.
Thursday we got up at 4 to head out to Cartagena to do an exchange there and I stayed there. Cartagena is super hot, but it´s really pretty. It was a good exchange.
Friday, got up at 4 again to be able to return to Barranquilla and work with president here and then he decided that he needed to go to cartagena a day early due to some disobedience and so he took us with him BACK to cartagena and at night I went out to work with a companionship that had some problems with obedience and then at night I slept in their apartment and talked to them all to prepare them for their interviews with president the next day.
Saturday I got to sleep in a little (til 6) but then we got ready real fast to head over to the church for zone conferences. then at night we came back on the bus and I got SUPER  car sick... but I didn´t throw up!!! haha
Sunday we slept til 6:30 and went to church. Sebastian came!!!! He´s doing great and I totally think that he´ll get baptized.
Today we went and played soccer and sebastian came with his step dad!!! so maybe he can get baptized too!
Today we´ve been working with president on transfers all day.
Well that´s the week! Love you all bye!

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