Friday, August 8, 2014

July 14, 2014

So it´s good to write you all! Sorry that I had to wait ´til today... So it´s been good and bad week. Last Wednesday we had the leadership counsel and it went REALLY well. We were able to give an awesome training. My companion and I on Monday night had a good come to Jesus meeting and we were able to discuss a lot of things and get a good solid training going. During the leadership counsel I felt the spirit really strong during the training and afterwards all of the zone leaders told us that it was the best leadership counsel in quite a while. YEAH!!!
I know that the Lord was able to inspire us! I felt the spirit of unity working together and getting prepared and I know that it was God´s will that we trained what we did.
We were also able in the leadership counsel to discuss a lot of the problems and solutions here in the mission.

Thrusday I went with the President to Cartagena for 3 days to help him out with the mission interviews. While he interviewed the misisonaries I went through their area books, agendas, and weekly reports of lessons to less actives... It was a good experience and humbling for some hahaha.

Now to the sad stuff..
So I already wrote that I lost everything including the most irreplaceable items such as scriptures and journal. I was pretty upset after that but I just pray and pray to know the will of God and I remember that everything is according to God´s will. (also lost my retainers... again haha)

Now to the worst part... Today we have P-day.... so we went and played soccer in the morning.... whilst playing like a latin... somebody kicked my foot pretty hard..... It really hurts and I was limping all day hiding from President and Sister Searle, but Sister Searle caught me... and made me go to the doctor.... The said i´ve  got a small fracture and I´m in a cast for 2 weeks......
I don´t always understand the will of God... but I´m planning on finding out what it is in these coming days...
I´m super sad. I just want to finish strong, but they said I can´t leave for 2 weeks and I´ve got to use crutches in these 2 weeks and my foot can´t touch the ground.

Other than the sad news. Sebastian didn´t go to church, but a new investigator named Alexi did! and she liked it. After church we went to visit Sebastian and he said he slept in, but we had a great faith building lesson about how the spirit talks to us. I felt the spirit really strong at one point. We were teaching the law of chastity and he said that it´s gonna be tough, but he also said, "I understand that I´m making changes that are good for me and that I have to make them to be a new person." It just filled my heart with a testimony of the healing power of the atonement.

Well, have a great week

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