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April 19, 2014

Wowzers folks!!!

So yesterday we just finished the mission tour with Elder Waddell (of the 70) and it was an experience to say the least!!!

We headed out early Wednesday morning to Santa Marta because that´s where he flew in to. We got there and it was quite the rush making sure that all the food was going to get there on time, that the interview rooms were ready and water and just everything, but we got it all.
He showed up and he´s about 6 foot 9 I think haha. He´s HUGE!! he said hello and then got to work interviewing 2 or 3 missionaries and then did the special conference.
The conference was just absolutely awesome. he taught us about WHY we´re here, WHAT it is that we are doing, and HOW we can do it better. He talked a lot about how we need to be working more with the less active members and that activating a less active family is the same as baptizing a family of investigators. I loved it because he explained to us that here it´s almost too easy to baptized, and that the goal is NOT to just baptize... but to get people to the temple.. it was super great.

Our mission president also gave a great talk about obedience and sister searle blew everyone out of the water with her talk. She talked about the importance of the holy ghost. Sister waddell was also there and she´s so loving and nice and she just wanted to talk to us the whole time hahaha.That night we left Santa Marta and got to our house and about 9

The next day we got up and headed to a church here in Barranquilla for the next meeting and it was also fantastic! And after the conference we got to eat dinner with them and the stake president. It was awesome because we got to do some really great and personal questions. His wife said that he loves answering doctrinal questions, so who would pass that up hahahaha. We ate salmon and coconut rice... yumm!!! That night we also got to go to the members meeting where he talked about how to do a ward counsel and going "to the rescue."
It was funny because he asked, "Elders, did you feel like I was direct and tough on the missionaries."
"yes," we replied, "but it was great."
He said, "just wait til I get my hand on the members.".............
HAHAHAHAHA It was awesome!!! He was SUPER direct and corrected every little error, but I know that he helped.

But that´s not even the best part. I was in the member meeting and I saw some people from my first area, but I wanted to see members from Sabanalarga (the little town I served in for 6 months) But I wasn´t sure I would because it´s far away, but some did show up. I saw them and smiled and then.... I SAW THE DAD OF THAT FAMILY I BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! The family we baptized in January. I smiled from ear to ear and had to hold in my jump for joy.
After the meeting we run over and I hugged him... He was happy too and he said that he´s been called as the ward mission leader, his wife is now the gospel principles teacher, and the whole family is going to church!!!!
I was very content.

The next day we went to Cartagena and the conference was also great. In the cartagena conference I could feel so strongly the importance of why I´m here, and some things that I need to do. It was an amazing experience. 
Last night Elder Waddell hugged us and said, " thank you elders and keep up the good work."
I loved all the conferences and learned new things in every one by what he said and by the spirit.

Last night we traveled home really late, but thank the great god above that we got home safe around 11 haha.
 I love you all!
church is true!

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