Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 24, 2014

Hello. Here we are at the start of another transfer and it´s starting off SUPER well! We had a great week last week with 3 investigators in church and we were able to teach a lot of people! It was sad to see Elder Schwab leave the office on Tuesday, but it´s been great here with Elder Urresta!
We´re hitting the area as hard as we possibly can and we´re trying to help all of the less actives and investigators progress.
On Tuesday the new missionaries arrived and that´s always fun. I love seeing the ones that are super excited and come running down the escalator, the ones who have the fear of god in their eyes not knowing what to expect (that was me), and the always so mature sisters haha.

a lot of things went wrong when they got here. We had a bus without air conditioning, a lot of traffic causing us to get there late, etc. but in the end it all worked out very well. We trained the new missionaries and it went very well and we got to help the trainers build their confidence as well.

On thursday we did an exchange and I got to work with elder Jensen from grantsville, utah. He´s awesome and we had a good day. Yesterday we told president we had to leave to got and go work early and we got out and taught like 7 lessons, it was great!

I´m sad because 2 of the brand new missionaries have already gone home as well as 2 other sick elders, but god´s work will not be frustrated.

We have a baptism today in about an hour and I´m baptizing! woohoo!!!
Love you all bye!

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