Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

So we just talked yesterday, but all is well here. I loved seeing you all and I´m glad to see that everyone is super happy. 

This last week we had leadership counsel and it went pretty well. We had a few of the zone leaders train and they did really well.

My companion went to Cartagena to do exchanges for a few days and so while he was out I had the area all to myself. I worked with Elder Palmer one day and then I worked with a new missionary who came in from Chile. He got here on Friday and it was a real pleasure working with him. 
He was in this mission about 2 years ago and then he went home, but he came back!!! It was great to feel the power of this elders testimony. He really has just come back ready to work. 
We were able to find some great people as well, but I felt really bad. I made him walk a lot and he got some pretty bad blisters hahaha. But that´s okay.

Today was pday but we spent most of it doing transfers with president.

I love the mission and there´s not a lot of time today to write. Love you bye!!!

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