Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 26, 2014

So here we are working, just working in the work of the Lord, but we`re still waiting for a few baptisms to click into place. We have some good people, just need to complete some more commitments.

This week we`ve been able to do some exchanges which has been really fun. I got to work with Elder Palmer here in my area (our district leader and the executive secretary). We had some great success. Yesterday I got to go to a zone called Hipordromo which is just south of Barranquilla... It`s pretty sandy haha. I worked with Elder Chavez from PerĂ¹. He`s a great missionary, but I feel bad because he`s pretty sick.

As far as investigators go... We have this one family (Lopez) that are progressing well. They went to church on Sunday, and they liked it, but they still don`t read in the book of mormon.
We also have Rafael who`s doing great because he`s reading and praying and he says that he`s felt his faith grow which is super awesome. He`s told us that he feels bad in his house because his family (aunts uncles cousins) all are like atheists or evagelical christians (CRAZIES) So being able to meet the nice, peaceful restored gospel has really helped him out.
We also are teaching a lady named Brisley that`s the nanny for a less active family and she recently returned from a long trip, but it`s sad becasue her mom on the trip said that she shouldn`t get baptized in the church because she`s really worldly and not ready to make a commitment like baptism, but we`re helping her out.

The whole mission is really excited after the Elder Waddell tour, but some missionaries didn`t interpret his little talk right. We`ve been hearing a lot of missionaries say that there`s no need to knock on doors or to talk to people in the street because those would just be "numbers" (I hate when missionaries use that word haha.) So we`re making a training for the upcoming leadership counsel to help them focus on the people, and getting references.

Whilst meditating in the street about whether knocking on doors was really useful or not we knocked on a door. And for a 19 year-old kid who said he`s been looking for the truth and says that he doesn`t feel "full" in his church.... THAT folks is why we knock on doors haha.

Love you all bye!

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