Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 12, 2014

So we got the transfers all done and they went really well! We got almost every zones zone leaders changed which we´re hoping helps out with the obedience issue that we seem to have been facing. 
We saw conference and WOW!!! It was absolutely amazing! I loved the talk by Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, Elder Ballard and the 70 who talked about the preparation fro a 4 minute experience. I feel super excited! I love conference now! Thank you mission! haha

My companion and I have been fighting really hard for people in our area. We´re passing for a tougher time proselyting wise because we´ve been in the office doing transfers a lot. Some nights we were here until 10:30 or even a little later haha... oops!

But here with the new transfer we´re super excited! We´ve got the tour of Elder Waddell this week! (he totally said the prayer at the end of the first session haha) We will be traveling throughout the mission with him from wednesday until Friday visiting all the cities!
My companion and I are alos super commited to doing exchanges with ALL of the zone leaders this transfer to see how the mission is doing. I really like doing exchanges!

On Friday we were talking about how we need new investigators and how we need to not only teach by the spirit, but FIND by the spirit as well. So we said a prayer just before we headed out and asked the lord to guide us.
We found SEVEN new investigators yesterday. FAMILIES!!!!  I feel great about them! I hope and pray they´ll progress.
We also have another family that´s getting close to a baptismal date.

pray that we find people who want to get baptized! haha

I forgot to tell you guys! But like 2 months or so ago I asked you all to pray for a lady named Alexi who was facing challenges from her other church. (i was in santa marta) Well she got baptized and know that your prayers helped her.

I love you family and friends and the mission is fantastic. BYE!!!

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